Monday, January 7, 2008

Macworld Wish list

You could call it a religious pilgrimage. It's an event that brings out the OS worshipers across the country. It's the one and only Macworld and it's this January 14-18th.

I've been once - back in 2002. It was fun. I felt a bit out of place since I didn't live and breathe this stuff. My boss sent me to research Final Cut to see if it was really robust enough to switch over to. I also dropped in to visit Thomas who was working for DDB San Francisco.

Since Mike Kingsley is hosting our next gathering in January, I thought we could create a wish list of things we'd like to see at the Expo - and maybe he could pull a few strings with Steve-o.

Here's my belated Christmas list:
- Built in Blu-Ray burner
- DVD Studio Pro 5 that will really let you author HD DVD's and Blu-Ray disks
- New Apple Cinema Displays that are up to date
- iPhone 2.0 update that installs heat-seeking missiles to blow up slow moving cars on the freeway.

What 's on your Macworld Wish List?

:: Jacob ::