Monday, January 7, 2008

Macworld Wish list

You could call it a religious pilgrimage. It's an event that brings out the OS worshipers across the country. It's the one and only Macworld and it's this January 14-18th.

I've been once - back in 2002. It was fun. I felt a bit out of place since I didn't live and breathe this stuff. My boss sent me to research Final Cut to see if it was really robust enough to switch over to. I also dropped in to visit Thomas who was working for DDB San Francisco.

Since Mike Kingsley is hosting our next gathering in January, I thought we could create a wish list of things we'd like to see at the Expo - and maybe he could pull a few strings with Steve-o.

Here's my belated Christmas list:
- Built in Blu-Ray burner
- DVD Studio Pro 5 that will really let you author HD DVD's and Blu-Ray disks
- New Apple Cinema Displays that are up to date
- iPhone 2.0 update that installs heat-seeking missiles to blow up slow moving cars on the freeway.

What 's on your Macworld Wish List?

:: Jacob ::


Kingsley MacConsulting said...

My main wish is an update for the Apple TV. I want a software update that adds new features such as divx support, more features, and maybe even 3rd party SDK. Also a hardware update would be nice to kickstart it. One rumor states they might add Blu-Ray to it.

Either way there will be a lot of neat software solutions coming out and I am excited!

cole said...

i easily pleased: i just want Leopard to run smoothly and stop glitching up on me all the time...

Kingsley MacConsulting said...

Leopard actually is doing good right now. I am pleased with it and it is light years ahead of where 10.4 was when it first came out. I even have a client that upgraded on his own (clean install give you) but has no problems with Final Cut Studio.

If you have glitches then probably you did not do an archive and install? That method is always preferred as it as if you did a clean install. Doing another archive and install will probably fix a lot of your glitches.

Jacob @ Issimo Productions said...

Would you say that the major bugs have been worked out with Final Cut Studio and Leopard? Is it production ready now?

On some things I don't mind being an early adopter, but when it comes to running my business, I hate to be the guinea pig.

Kingsley MacConsulting said...

I would say it's probably stable enough assuming you have all the latest versions of Final Cut, etc. As I said I know a handful of people moved to 10.5 with Final Cut and have no problems at all. But I can talk more about that at the upcoming meeting, I will also try and get a feel when I am at MacWorld on others and their experiences. As far as for every other use - graphic design, photography, etc. I have already been whole heartedly recommending those clients to move for a few weeks now. Of course if you buy a new computer now you have no choice but to run 10.5 so I think that always gets people to "switch" over also :)

Jacob @ Issimo Productions said...

What's up with the 8-Core Mac announcement? Is there anything really different? I thought 8-Core has been around for a while?

One thing I did see was the 15,000 RPM SAS drives. That makes the 10K Raptors looks slow! From what I can tell that's all there is different (on the high end).

Am I missing something else?

No Blu-Ray :(

Kingsley MacConsulting said...

The 8-core is in the standard config now. (But you can still subtract $500 off the price and buy a quad core)

You can get your own Blu-Ray drive and put it in - you have been able to for awhile. The prices are at about $500 right now for a computer based Blu-Ray writer.

As far as software writing directly to it, I don't know I would have to look into that but it will at least support finder or Toast burning.