Friday, March 21, 2008

Jan Luncheon "MacWorld" mtg.

Hello, this is Mike Kingsley and I am just trying to post up some info on the meeting that was hosted at the Pie Pizzeria.

Some of the things that were discussed were of course the MacBook air. Flash drives and solid state media seem to really be catching on these days. Just think of the P2 cards. Also I was having a discussion with Patrick from PBC Media the other day on how the stupid Final Cut Studio install takes FOREVER. I can see a day where large installs come with a little cheap "flash" drive similar to a usb keychain drive that you can just plug into your machine and install much more quickly.

We also discussed some neat software packages such as Flow from Gridiron software. This will be the ultimate in content management, collaboration, and tracking for design work but it should also work with the Video App's as well. Who knows if Final Cut Server will ever come out, it seems to be on hold but that product will be nice also as far as content management with Video.

There were other things discussed. If anyone else can remember or has any comments please post away in the comments!!

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Jacob @ Issimo Productions said...

I was interested in the new Sony camera that has P2 like cards that fit into express card slots. I won't be buying one any time soon, but the idea sounded interesting. I'm eager to see what NAB holds.